Докоснете се до тайната философия на минерали и кристали.Минералите и кристалите имат феноменални свойства, лечебни и магически за човека.

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Minerals and crystals-Tanzanite / Tanzanite

Tanzanite is already more expensive and diamonds, because deposits are now exhausted. Tanzanite price of rising global markets literally for hours.
Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, East Africa. As one of the newest and most exotic colored gemstones, tanzanite belongs to the Zoisite mineral species and is found only in East Africa. It has a vitreous luster and hardness 6.5 on Mohs.

Tanzanite is pleochroic and can be purple, blue or gray, depending on the angle of view. Changes color to deep purple under incandescent light. The color of tanzanite is created by vanadium in its composition.
Tanzanite is a brittle stone. Although it can be worn every day, should be protected from knocks, pressure and extreme temperature changes.
Tanzanite is routinely heat treated to remove traces of gray and brown. Legend has it that a shepherd Masai tribe, first discovered the stone some 30 years ago. Then fire caused by lightning burned areas in Tanzania. Herders noticed that brown crystals of ordinary zoisita became deep blue-purple heat from the fire.

Mystical properties:
Has the power to transform negative energy into positive.
It helps to express and manifest itself, rather than being influenced by others or to adapt and comply with regulations.
It makes us aware of the life we ​​live and helps to understand how we can choose the path.

Those who have become aware of the call of the higher self.
Facilitates ascension of consciousness. Supports the realization and implementation of their own ideas and transforms destructive impulses in the building.

This stone is for those who have not yet recognized and accepted and cowardly forces closed heart. It helps us to be open to future opportunities. And also better to understand.
Tanzanite enhances connectivity and communication with the spirit world and facilitating access to ancient wisdom, especially knowledge of ancient indigenous tribal cultures.
It is argued that it is associated with the prehistoric civilization Lemuria and the Dolphins.

A useful stone for spiritual studies and travels inward.
Helps to visualize in meditation.

Tanzanite is a stone that brings insights. Has an extraordinary ability to connect us with the spiritual world and embodies this connection in our lives in the form of knowledge and developed aspirations.
Tanzanite is a strong protective stone, attracts protection in all situations and activities.

They call it a magic stone, as it imports 'will' in the desired print.
Tanzanite acts as an elixir of the soul. Improves mood and frees us from negative navitsi.Toy drove lethargy and brings suppressed feelings to the surface. Has the power to unravel old patterns and create space for new ones.
Enhances psychic abilities and opens the heart, lift your mood and brings a sense of calm. It is claimed that enhances composure and self-confidence. Great for workaholics and helps them not to worry and to give a little as calm overactive minds. Since the stone keep balance, effectively regulate the final figures.

He is creative stone that helps us create.
Gives the wearer understanding and sensitivity. Donated by insight, intuition and the power to manifest desired. As a result, Tanzanite brings success, clarity and insight.
On the physical level Tanzanite is great for recovering from a serious illness or stress.

To soothe depression, anxiety and panic. Treat diseases associated with stress such as high blood pressure and depression.
Strengthens the immune system update cells, relieves inflammation, and cleanses the body. Stimulates fertility treat diseases of the ovaries and testes.

Tanzanite is used for healing the skin. It is believed that slows aging and improves skin and hair by inducing cells to regenerate. It helps to rearrange the spine.
Tanzanite helps people wake up in a coma.
On the physical level helps the body to absorb zinc, restores the mind and senses, cleanses the toxins that cause skin problems, calms blood pressure.

Metaphysical is believed to trigger Tanzanite and unites the energies of heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra, creating a state in which the mind and mental abilities are activated and guided by the wisdom of the heart.
It is believed that disclosure heralds the great awakening of the heart energies in the human race. Above all, it balances the spirit of the time. We know that most of the so-called `` diseases of our time are caused by an imbalance in our spirit.
Tanzanite is key to the experience of the inner worlds. Used to communicate with spirit guides and beings from other dimensions that are usually hidden from the conscious mind.

Tanzanite is a variety of zoisite (tsoizit) and its color in shades of blue, sometimes purple, green or gray shades visible Roll (pleochroism). It is unique in the world of gemstones, as was discovered recently (in 1967). The largest known deposits in Tanzania, East Africa and seem to have almost exhausted.
He is very special and remarkable stone. The world is only one place. Its blue color that shines in purple tones is truly magnificent.

Because of his unusually attractive effects, it was easy for New York Tiffany jewelery workshop, it became one of the most sought after and popular gemstones in the world.
Unearthed in 1967 from mines in Merelani Hills, near Arusha in northern Tanzania.
Millions of years ago, metamorphic schists, gneisses and quartzites formed impressive isolated mountain ranges among vast plains near Mount Kilimanjaro. At the core of these extraordinary heights are preserved these precious crystals.

Calcium silicate and aluminum, it reaches a hardness of only 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale and therefore not very durable. Must be worn with care to avoid contact with acids.
Jeweler Tiffany, Louis Comfort New York, recommend new name for this gem Tsoizit instead of blue, so that Tiffany offered Tanzanite name from its place of origin, and so the new name quickly had the market, especially given the serious advertising campaign organized by the company Tiffany, two years after its discovery.

Porazitelnen is very impressive and intense blue color of tanzanite, ranging from ultramarine to slightly purplish blue. The most desired color is blue with vibrant purple hues in it, which are particularly effective for sizes over 10 carats. Tanzanite is typical of the appearance of several colors in one stone - depending on the perspective, the stone looks blue, purple or dark yellow. Most raw crystals are yellow-brown, but jewelers carefully heated up to 500 ° C. This process must be monitored very carefully to determine when the color will be converted to a son.

Legend tells of a thunderstorm in the lands of the Masai, with lightning, thunder and lightning. When the weather calmed down and people went back to their flocks, saw that ordinary brown stones on the ground had become blue. Gather them in their bags, because they believed that they are going better life, something new and better.

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