Докоснете се до тайната философия на минерали и кристали.Минералите и кристалите имат феноменални свойства, лечебни и магически за човека.

събота, 6 март 2010 г.


Navaratna setting system, an introduction
Navaratna was a term applied to a group of nine extraordinary people in the Royal Court in India. During the reign of Wickramadhitya among the most notable of nine such person was Kalidasa . Others included Waraha Mihira who was greatly honored by the King for his learning and accurate predictions.
Superstitions linked to gems have been common in Thailand since the Ayutthaya period and some have this belief even today.Among the most common superstitions is that nine different coloured gems are a blessing. A symbol of this belief was the sash of Nine Gems-a royal decoration used to hold the reigning monarchs sword. It was believed that this sash would bring victory to the wearer in battle. The sash is also worn by the King as a decoration of rank at the time of coronation .Since days long past Thais, Indians, and Sinhalese have used the nine gems to invoke blessings and good fortune. It is beleived that these precious stones can bring blessings to the wearer and protect him/her from all danger such as fire, harm from weapons, enemies, poisonous animals, and insects. Besides these gems can bring success in Business and Agriculture , give charm to the wearer and attract followers . When the nine gems are combined , they give the owner power and influence .